In January 2009 AJID - Anders Jensen Industrial Designers were founded by its current owner Anders Jensen.

Anders is educated in Denmark and received his Master Degree in industrial design in 1991.

Soon after his graduation Anders met with Jens Bang, the former main shareholder and CEO of Bang & Olufsen. He recommended Anders to talk to David Lewis, who was the Chief Designer at Bang & Olufsen. David Lewis employed Anders and this lasted for 18 important years - education is important, anyway it can’t compare to what you can learn from praxis.

The consultancy AJID has been working in different areas of design healthcare, furniture industry and consumer electronics.

Samsung Electronics Ltd. has been the main client with whom Anders Jensen started collaborating on an exclusive basis in consumer electronics. Anders has signed 19 Samsung Electronics Ltd. designed patents and designed several different products in various product categories, from small handheld devices to refrigerators.

At Virginia Tech, that is a highly ranked US state university Anders taught industrial students on various levels in Industrial Design. His research focused at Human Factors in Industrial Design.

Hisense Group is the third largest on the global market in the manufacturing of Televisions. Anders has been employed as the Design Director responsible for the overseas design activities of Hisense and especially the European marked.